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We will help tailor the right marketing strategy for your business for effective budget management that will provide maximum results in minimum costs. 

Prime Impression is dedicated to your brand's success. We don't just bring you traffic, we help build your brand from the bottom up.

What kind of people do you want your brand to attract, and how are you going to attract them?

The different marketing activities of your business should all be planned as a part of a consistent marketing strategy, even when these activities are divided into separate departments.

Different marketing activities impact one another because the exposure to your target audience overlaps in different media platforms. For example, the same person that saw your ad on TV (offline campaign) will search for your brand through a search engine online. If that person doesn’t remember your exact domain, he/she will find you through memorable keywords from your ad, that will lead to your website either through SEO or PPC. Perhaps your potential customers will register to your newsletter, but not open your emails – you will then need to find an alternative media platform to reach your subscribers who were interested enough to register, but need a more engaging platform to take action.

The key to planning your strategy is first to clearly define your product/service, your target audience (or audiences), and your brand identity. The same product or service may provided by different companies under different brand identities. It is important to decide on your own clear brand identity in order to choose the main audience that it will be marketed to for the highest engagement, as well as to plan your marketing techniques. The more focused your marketing is on the most relevant target audience, the higher your ROI will be.

The adaptation of your marketing strategy to your brand identity – examples:

  1. A product defined as luxury would have higher pricing, more branding activities, and less hard-sale performance campaigns which may make the brand seem less luxurious. It will be targeted demographically to an audience of higher income.
  2. The same product may be defined as “low cost”, would have more hard-sale campaigns (i.e. discounts, promotions, “buy now” campaigns), and will appeal to a demographic of lower income, reached through different mediums.

Prime Impression will assist you in creating a clear marketing strategy. If you already have your ideal target audience in mind, we will create the best plan for you to reach this audience. If you are unsure which specific audience you should target, we will assist you in choosing your focus, or develop separate marketing strategies for multiple target audiences, so that your messages are direct and your campaigns will convert well.

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