Use your keyword map to set up a high quality link profile. This will establish your website's authority to the search engines and improve your ranking as well as directly drive traffic to your website.

Link Building for Higher Ranking

Prime Impression will follow the best practices in link building to improve your website’s ranking – creating both internal links that link pages within your website to each other – and external links which link other websites to your own.

Internal links

Links between web pages of the same domain are key to creating a positive user experience on your website because they allow for easy navigation through topics, in which the users will quickly find the specific content that they are looking for. The links allow you to group directories and subdirectories of similar keyword groups, making the topic of each directory very clear.These links also create an organized information hierarchy for the search engine crawlers to read the structure of your website and understand the topics that the website covers, thus the search engine will reward you with higher ranking for pages that are linked within this hierarchy. Prime Impression’s SEO plan includes creating a silo structure for your website – meaning that we will group related topics by using internal links to create a clear navigation flow between categories and subcategories of related content – starting from the home page – and branching down towards the subcategories. The process requires careful planning and goes hand in hand with the preparation of content for the website.

External links

Creating a strong link profile is a continuing process of making authoritarian, or trustworthy websites link to yours, to prove to the search engines that your website has a good reputation, and useful information. The more links from reputable sites, the more popular your website will seem to the search engine. Since these websites act as indicators of your own content, it is crucial to carefully choose high quality websites to link from and vary the keywords you use in the anchor text, to avoid being marked as “spam” by the search engine.

There are various link-building strategies to boost your website’s ranking, and the planning of these strategies depends on both the budget and creativity. While manual link building will involve reaching out to specific bloggers and websites to include your links in relevant content, or listing the website in certain directories, editorial link building is a win-win situation in which various websites link to yours for free because they would like to share your high value content with their surfers. For this reason, placing an emphasis on good content writing while also increasing the awareness of the content, may have a very positive effect on your website’s link profile.While many SEO specialists will use self-created links through blog comments or forums – Prime Impression focuses on higher quality links to minimize risk of being penalized by search engines for spammy content.