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Content For SEO

Content is a crucial part of on-page optimization when it comes to SEO best practices.

Improve Your Ranking With Good Content

What information does your website provide to users, and most importantly – is it clear and relevant? Google will reward your site for providing the best answers to surfers who reach your site through searching specific keyword searches. When you understand what your potential clients are looking for, you will be able to provide them with the high quality information that they are looking for, ensuring that they both reach your website and engage with it, too.

Your website will be optimized for specific keywords – the words that your potential clients will type into Google to search for your product or service. In order to perform SEO, we will begin with a keyword research to determine not only which keywords have a high search volume (many people are searching the terms), but also which keywords you are able to rank for by analyzing competition.

A very important factor in your ranking is your bounce rate – meaning that it is not only necessary to drive users into your website – you need to keep them there, too – for just enough time to prove to Google that your content is relevant to the people that visit your website through search results. This is not just important for your ranking, but it is also important for your conversion. At Prime Impression, we don’t just care about bringing you traffic – we care about increasing your revenue. Read more about how good content can improve your revenue here.

By analyzing user search behavior, we will not only optimize the content of your current pages, but also generate new pages that allow you to fully answer the informational needs of your potential clients. Prime Impression’s expert content writers will work hand in hand with you to deliver content that reflects your business’s advantages and it’s consistent marketing language. As part of our analytics – we will also measure the effectiveness and results that the new content generated, by analyzing traffic and ranking of the new pages.

Through efficient on-page optimization, we will also improve your snippet (the content from your web page that is featured in Google search results – as depicted below). The process involves improving page titles and descriptions to make your snippet more relevant to the searchers and therefore – increase the amount of clicks it receives. You titles will be the first factor considered by search engines when determining your ranking.

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