Marketing For Small Businesses

Kickstart Packages

At Prime Impression, we understand that many small businesses have high potential, but lack the initial marketing budgets of larger, more established businesses. We believe that giving small businesses a strong kickstart in the beginning can earn us successful clients in the long run. For this reason, we have prepared basic kickstart packages that include the fundamentals of marketing for small businesses. These packages include local SEO, highly targeted PPC campaigns, professional training sessions to allow your employees to manage basic marketing activities, and more. We set monthly goals for each business and create tailored plans so that your small business hits the ground running and achieves measurable results month after month.

Local SEO

Precise Targeting is Key to Getting More Clients

One of the biggest factors determining your ranking on Google is your relevancy to the people searching for your product or service. Your relevancy increases when the search engines can easily identify your location and contact information, as well as your reputation with local reviewers. Local SEO includes the basic SEO activities on a more targeted scales, and includes both local linking and citations, as well as additional actions such as developing a strategy for increasing the amount of positive reviews from your existing customers.

If you are a local business, ranking nationally may not be as important as ranking above other businesses in your area. As Google continues to evolve to more personalized search results, the importance of local SEO is becoming more and more eminent. Search results have become tailored to specific users. Once you are logged into your Google account, the search engine will use your search history and geographic location to optimize the results that you see. We recommend to use local SEO to make sure that you reach precisely the people that you are most relevant to by establishing your business as a leading local service provider. Strengthening your local online presence in maps, developing a proper Google business page, creating citations in local listings, and emphasizing your business location and contact information in your website snippets will help you achieve this goal. When you target potential clients that are searching for services within a geographic proximity, your sales will increase drastically.

Prime Impression will make sure to place your small business on the map, and help you compete with other leading businesses in your area for a market share.

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