Make a Prime Impression on your audience with dazzling creatives!

Your creatives - from  your newsletters to your banners and landing pages - are your first impression on your targeted audience, and they have a very big impact on your conversion rates.


Creative Production

Creative production is key to defining your brand identity, which will yourself memorable to your target audience. Your creatives all need to convey your key brand values, and like your advertising message, it is important that your visual language is also very consistent. This may mean consistency in colors, design, characters (whether graphic or a real presenter), music, or general style. Your ad copy may change for different promotions and messages that are relevant to current events or trends – but we always make sure that your identity is maintained.

Maintaining consistency in your creatives is important for memorability and conversion in the long run. Most people will respond to an ad only after they have seen it several times, whether consciously or unconsciously. To increase the chances of converting your potential clients, they need to easily attribute the ad to your brand, even if they saw the first ad on Facebook, the second on TV, and the third through a newsletter. If your creatives have no uniqueness to make your brand memorable, then you are not advertising yourself – you are simply helping your competition by generally advertising the product or service.

At Prime Impression, our graphic designers and content writers work meticulously to produce creatives that fit perfectly with your brand strategy.